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A Very Catty Writer

Writer. Photographer. Crazy cat lady.

Crazy? Perhaps. But A. Katie Rose is all of them and more. Her writing and her horses are her passions. Rescuing cats is her calling. An independent author and publisher of epic and paranormal fantasy novels, Rose’s given name is Katie Anderson. She selected the pen name A. Katie Rose when her first novel, “In a Wolf’s Eyes” went under contract for publication.

The author, A. Katie Rose


Anderson still worked her day job and wrote ‘The Unforgiven’. “It’s about two men, the protagonist and the antagonist, who have done terrible things. Both seek redemption and, while on opposite sides of good and evil, come to respect and like one another.”

Now working as a full time writer, Anderson writes romance novels as a freelance ghostwriter. "Sorry, I can't tell you what I've written for clients, but if I did you'd probably like them." In just over two years, she's written over 100 books for clients that include Regency, Scottish, contemporary, westerns, contemporary westerns, paranormal fantasy, bad boy billionaire, as well as shorter works of the steamy variety.

Anderson also has two new series arriving soon! Watch for them on this website!

“From the first sentence of The Unforgiven, my mind instantly traveled to a Medieval time and place. Katie's characters--Vanyar, Malik, Princess Iyumi and a score of others including Minotaurs, Griffins, Centaurs and Shifters--portray good and evil and all the nuances of both in such a refreshing and sincere way. Her exquisite and rhythmic writing transported me into a brilliantly crafted story full of intrigue, adventure, danger and beauty. I remained transfixed from the first page to the last, longing to read even more,” said Brenda Blanchard, Editor, Writer, Speaker and the Co-President of Christian Writers Group of Greater San Antonio. “I edited ‘The Unforgiven’ and truly enjoyed my work. Katie has a true gift for writing.”

“I was very lucky to find Brenda and have her edit my book. I learned so much from her,” Anderson said. “A really good editor is gem beyond price.”

 ‘The Unforgiven’, released last year, claimed an even better review than “In a Wolf’s Eyes”. “I submitted ‘Unforgiven’ to Kirkus Magazine for a review. I’d hoped for a good one, and I got one. The reviewer praised it to the max. But when I saw it received a Kirkus star, I was absolutely floored. I get that true ‘OMG’ moment every time I see the Kirkus star next to my title.”


In talking to a Kirkus marketing rep, Anderson discovered another amazing fact. Less than two percent of all Kirkus reviews receive a star. “That means in Kirkus terms, my ‘Unforgiven’ is a book of exceptional merit. Is that cool or what?”


Sales are climbing slowly and steadily. “If they continue to rise, I might finally be able to buy my own horse property and write full time. ‘Unforgiven’ was a tough book to write, but well worth it.”

Her epic fantasy series, ‘Saga of the Black Wolf’, is also gaining attention. Said Joy Hoelscher, store manager of the FM 3009 Corner Store in Schertz. “I am in love with her writing. She’s awesome, and I’m a die-hard fan.”

 Her fan base is building and folks are clamoring for the next book of the series. “It’s under way. It takes nearly a year to write a novel and I spend a lot of time editing as I go. Plus as I am my own publisher, I have to do my own marketing.”

She also plans a sequel to ‘The Unforgiven’. “It’s mostly in my head now, with a few notes thrown in. But Van and Flynn’s adventures aren’t over yet.”

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