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OMG!!! My editor, Jay Hartman, at Untreed Reads is accepting my second book, “Catch a Wolf”, WITHOUT READING it! He’s accepting it based on the reviews of “In a Wolf’s Eyes” and the fact that I’m busy marketing it and my name as an author! HOW COOL IS THAT! I know I’m yelling, but – come on! Book two on few sales and several five star reviews for the first book! Give me some likes here! He’s accepting it not based on sales but on how well the first of the series has been received thus far. I’m psyched, so please be psyched for me.

I’ll copy and paste the pertinent parts of his e-mail here:

First of all, although I haven’t had a chance to get reading on Catch a Wolf, I’m going to accept it anyway. The first one has been so well-received, and you’ve definitely proven that you’re willing to go out and market and do whatever it takes to be successful. I’d enjoy the opportunity to work on another book with you. So…it’s a YES! Which means, I think, that you can tell Claire you’ll renew the contract on the first one!

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