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My Bragging Rights

Hi, Lady Katie!

First of all, although I haven’t had a chance to get reading on Catch a Wolf, I’m going to accept it anyway. The first one has been so well-received, and you’ve definitely proven that you’re willing to go out and market and do whatever it takes to be successful. I’d enjoy the opportunity to work on another book with you. So…it’s a YES! Which means, I think, that you can tell Claire you’ll renew the contract on the first one!

Thus begins the e-mail I received the other night from my editor at Untreed Reads Publishing, Jay Hartman. He’s responding my my note asking if he’d read the second novel of my “Saga of the Black Wolf” series. He hadn’t, but he’s accepting anyway! As I wrote on my FaceBook page that same night, “HOW COOL IS THAT?”

My first novel, “In a Wolf’s Eyes” received yet another five-star rating from a reviewer. Check that post out – great review, I must say. Though not many sales thus far, those who have read it liked it enormously. So go buy it and read it for yourself! The second of the series will be out sooner than you think.

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