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New Addition

I'm adopting another cat.

I swore I was going to keep him to myself, not tell anyone, as I knew I'd get the crap. I made the mistake of opening up my plans to a friend. "Oh, well. Whatever makes you happy." "Another cat? Why do you need another cat?"

The more important question might be: why does another cat need a home? I'll tell you why. Because the majority of South Texas don't give a rat's ass about the homeless animals living, breeding and dying on the streets of San Antonio. People set loose their unwanted dogs and cats, unable or unwilling to find them new homes. The dogs die from cars, starvation, mange - name it. Cats are slightly better off, as they are better equipped to hunt and survive. Yet, they are also killed by cars, dogs, idiot humans. Those that survive, breed. Yes, they make more feral babies, fear humans and those kittens that survive into adulthood are now wild adults. They then breed more feral cats. I can't quote numbers, but they are incredible. One female cat can breed thousands of feral cats - it goes on and on.

Without going into detail here (I'll save it for another rant, er, post), I trapped two feral mother cats, their kittens, and a tomcat (I'll post about him later) on a major San Antonio car dealership. Later, I dragged out from under a car on that same car dealership two more kittens. All the cats: mothers and kittens (some their own, but some not their own), went into a large rabbit hutch at my friend's house. Both mothers nursed all the kittens. May God bless all mother cats. Now those little boys and girls are old enough to be adopted. Two went to their new, loving homes this morning. Two down, four to go. I'm taking one, as he just feels right, and I love his coloring. The name 'Cassidy' keeps floating around in my head - weird. Hence, the motive behind the said friends' comments and this post.

The remaining three need homes, but I know I'll find them their human soulmates. The two momma cats will get spayed (by me, at my expense) and released onto ten acres. My friend intends to keep them, as they know her and she will care for them as they should have been cared for before they were even born. This is why I have too many cats: Because God gave me the means to care for them financially, and the love of these blessed animals. Surely God loves the cat, for He made so bloody many of them. I cannot go without mentioning the wonderful people (however rare they are here) who do devote their love and resources into the feral cat cause - who trap, spay/neuter, and release them back into the environment they know. May God bless them and the folks who go out of their way to feed these delightful felines, and who try to give them homes whenever and wherever they can.

They will be rewarded, somehow, for what goes around, comes around.

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