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About Yours Truly

Hello, everyone!

Permit me to inform you of me, a quick there and gone biography of, you guessed it! Of moi. I'm A. Katie Rose, author of "In a Wolf's Eyes", my debut epic fantasy novel. I also wrote the second of the "Saga of the Black Wolf series, "Catch a Wolf", newly released from Untreed Reads Publishing.

I'm also the author of "The Unforgiven", the book I'm writing on this blog. Read chapters one and two, and pay attention - there will be a quiz later. Though I currently live in South Central Texas, my heart resides in my native Colorado. I went to college in Gunnison, Colorado and there earned my Bachelor of Arts degree. A few of my hobbies include both teaching horses and learning from them, and cat rescuing. Please don't point me in the direction of a homeless cat - I have far too many as it is! I have a passion for writing, and I do a decent job of it. My publisher and fans seem to agree. I regret to say, however, I can't quit my day job yet. That makes my boss happy, but I'd love to divorce him. Josh, consider yourself on notice.

Anyway, I work days as a photographer and critter slave, and write in my evenings. Though my blog book is called "The Unforgiven", sorry, it's not a Western. And if Clint Eastwood has any involvement with it at all, then I'm a lucky gal. Outside of working, writing, horses and cats, I do enjoy hiking, reading, movies, camping and above all -horses. It doesn't get much better than lying on the couch with a good movie, glass of wine, a fire in the fireplace and two or three cats snoozing on my lap. Yeah, I know - it doesn't get very cold down here so those instances are rare.

Pleasure to meet y'all (like my Texas accent?), and please visit me here, on Facebook, Twitter or my own site, If you like what you see, tell me. If you don't, please also tell me. There are a few links to my novel I've included, so click on them and check it out for yourself.

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