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The Reason Why

Why do I write from the point of views of two different characters, and in first person narrative? That seems to be the questions many folks want answered. So I’ll do my best to answer them in this blog post.

Why first person? To tell the honest truth: I’m good at it. Yes, I have tried writing in the third person – even started an earlier version of “In a Wolf’s Eyes” in the third person narrative. It sucked rocks, big time. I wish I still had a copy of that attempt, but I think it vanished into the dark depths of a long-dead computer. Not long ago, I began a fantasy short story in third person. I haven’t finished it, go figure. I find writing in the third person awkward. I can’t seem to get into my characters heads. My descriptions are off kilter. I can’t get the same flavor I do when I write from the first person. Maybe I just need practice, you know? Keep trying to write in the third person, and perhaps I’ll get better at it. Who knows? I might just conquer the beast, yet.

So why from the points of view from two characters? Well, when I began “In a Wolf’s Eyes” I hadn’t read any novels written like that. I’m sure they are out there, but I hadn’t come across any. I thought perhaps that style might set me apart from other writers. In addition, all will agree that first person narrative is restrictive, yes? So from the differing perspectives of the hero and the heroine, I can get inside two heads, two points of view and speak with two different voices. I think (and many readers agree), what I’ve done has worked quite well. I told the story from two sides, bounce back and forth from chapter to chapter, and each character reveals something about the other. They win, I win and my readers win. Is that a win-win-win situation? (right, repetitive word on ‘win’ – gotcha).

Best of all – I haven’t deserted my comfort zone! At least until I venture once again into the dense jungles of the third person narrative. Ugh.

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