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Rae Meets Dr. Fransik

Meet Rae. If you read my previous blog regarding her, she's a very special little calico cat. I rescued her from the highway, hunted for her at night when she wouldn't come home on time, and prayed for her more than any other cat. She's been a trial, but that doesn't mean she wasn't worth it.

Over the last several months, Rae's liver had gone viral. Her bilirubins made her ears, gums and eyes yellow. I didn't have a lot of money. Still don't. So I treated her myself - SAM-e, milk thistle, extra water via a syringe, extra food ditto. She'd get better, then worse, then get better, be lethargic, stay yellow and on and on. Finally I knew I had to take her to a vet. A friend recommended a local vet so I made an appointment.

Dr. Fransik took one look and said its her liver. Said she need intravenous fluids and hospitalization. But as I had no money to spend on a vet bill of that calibre, I offered a second choice: two days of hospitalization and then I'd give her sub-cutaneous fluids after and see where that goes.

Dr. Fransik agreed and I brought Rae back in the next day. I picked her up that evening to bring her home for the night, needle in her little arm and a cone on her head with the vet techs oohing and ahhing over what a nice little girl she was. She slept badly that night with that awful cone on her head because she slept with me and I knew she didn't sleep good. I didn't either.

Wednesday came with Rae receiving her fluids and I got a call from Dr. Fransik:

"Well, Rae must be feeling better because she's hissing and smacking any one who came near."

When I picked her up that evening, I was told how the vet techs hid behind a towel as Rae would attack anyone within range. Feeling embarrassed but hopeful I took Rae home to start my vetting of my little girl.

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