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From Yours Truly

Greetings, guys and dolls!

You found my blog at last! Should I congratulate you or remind you that you've more interesting places to visit on your evenings? Surf the great information highway, you might. Find facts and bs, of course. Wish you hadn't turned on your computer, well, that's a done deal. But this here site has great books to buy and a fascinating author to write them. This is the place where you'll find the real me. Yeah, I live in a world of fantasy. Yet, I still keep both feet firmly sunk into the real world. I wish it weren't always that way because sometimes the real world sucks rocks. Like, really.

Please peruse my site and my blog at will. I'll post anything to do with anything at all. Don't get me started on Trump, PLEASE! I love to write about my cats, my horses, things that annoy me, things that fascinate me and above all the quirky stuff that makes folks tick like an antique clock. Of those, there are far to many of those to mention but I'll do my best to touch upon them.

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