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After sweating and waiting for the Interfuron to arrive, I watched Rae's progress with worry. The Prednesone gave her an increased appetite and the jaundice went away. I began to feel better about her progress. Dr. Fransik gave me a recipe for all the cats, but I hadn't tried it yet. Instead, I created a concoction to help her liver: a blended mixture of tuna, chicken, asparagus and green beans. Rae loved it and begged for it the moment I appeared in her sight - from the moment I woke up in the morning to when I got home from work. When that ran out I concocted a new mix: tuna, salmon, green beans and aparagus. Rae took one sniff and said, "Really? I don't think so."

She wouldn't touch it. So I sighed, put that in the refrigerator and went back at it. Tuna and chicken. Rae couldn't get enough.

But once the Interfuron arrived, she was still yellow from jaundice, lethargic and unhealthy looking. Per the vet and drug company's directions, I gave her Interfuron for only seven days. Now she's off it for seven days until November 2, when she starts another treatment. She didn't look really good, but at least she's eating fairly well.

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