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From Angel to Tigress

I'm familiar with caring for animals. I'm familiar with feline abscesses, injuries, most illnesses, and any number of feline or equine problems. I've had a cat in the past with liver issues: Chip. Gnawed on a plant I had and screwed up his liver. I gave him sub-cutaneous fluids and fixed him for a time. Rae was no issue at all.

I brought her home on a Wednesday and began her fluids Thursday. At the first touch of the needle she jumped. OK, I can deal with that. The second, she jumped harder. Hmmmm. Chip sat in my lap and purred while I filled him with sub-cue fluids. How hard can this be? Got the needle in Rae's neck and watched as the bag, too slowly for words, slowly dripped fluid into my girl. Day one accomplished.

Day two was a repeat of the same. Jump, flinch, finally get the fluids in. I have got to get that fluid to moving faster, dammit. Chip was never this difficult. Rae cried as I held her and watched the fluids drip to save her life.

Day three, Rae got pissed. Struggled and yowled and tried to bite me. C'mon, you little fool, I'm trying to keep you alive. But she wasn't having none of it.

By the following Monday, keeping a needle in a 5 pound cat was impossible. I sat on her, wrapped her in towels and she STILL got that bloody needle out. Hissed and chewed on the towels in her rage, and I gave it up. I quit. I called the vet's office and said I can't do this. She won't let me. So I got permission to give her water by mouth. THAT she had no problem with.

Damn cat.

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