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Teaching Steve to Ride

Meet Steve. He's the cat, by the way. The old horse he's riding is Tanner. Sometime last year, Steve jumped from a tree onto Tanner's back. Shocked the hell out me. Tanner, too, but that old boy has the patience of Job and accepted his new passenger with a swish of his tail and a shake of his ears. Steve thought he was the next best think to catnip when I laughed and petted him for his new feat. So guess what? Now he likes to ride. I busted him climbing onto my other two horses for quick jaunts on a bare back. Naturally, Steve eats up the praise I offer when he does, the conceited little brat. Yes, the horses get praise, too, when they put up with the furry, clawed thing aboard. They've earned it for putting up with him.

I have a few videos and pictures of Steve and his barn buddies that I will post here on my blog. But this one is my favorite so it's my first video and post. And hopefully, I'll get more videos to share in the near future. And of course, teaching Steve more tricks!

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